At the Museum of Cairo

At the Museum of Cairo

Α bookworm and a passionate lover of antiquity, Harita Meenee is a Greek independent scholar of classical studies and women’s history. She was born in Athens, Greece, where she lives and works as a writer, editor and translator.

She studied classical literature and language at the Philosophical School of the University of Athens. Her graduate studies, in the field of counseling, were done at the Athens University of La Verne. She focused on Jungian psychology, exploring feminine archetypal images in the Hellenic mythology and their significance for contemporary women.

Among her many translations, the scholarly book Orpheus and the Greek Religion by W.K.C. Guthrie (published by Kardamitsa Press in Athens, Greece) stands out. She has also adapted ancient Hellenic hymns and poems in modern Greek and English. Some of these have been published in anthologies such as the award-winning She Is Everywhere Vol. 3 (Enheduanna Award from the Master’s Program in Women’s Spirituality at Sofia University, California).

Harita has delivered many talks in Greece and other countries, invited by universities and cultural organizations, such as the Olympic Museum of Tashkent (Uzbekistan, Central Asia) and the University of Long Beach (Southern California).

Many of her writings are about pre-Christian Greece and other ancient traditions. Her articles have appeared in many Hellenic periodicals, as well as in the English language magazines and journals SageWoman, The Beltane Papers, Goddess Alive!, Sacred History, Matrifocus, Goddess Pages and Mithras Reader. Essays of hers have also been published in the educational CD-Rom “Gender and Public Life” by the Greek Ministry of Education.

She presented the weekly historical and cultural program “Myths and Words” on Greek television. She has also participated in various television and radio shows, sharing her knowledge and ideas with a wider audience.

Harita is an activist for women’s rights, environmental issues and social justice. She also participates in the anti-austerity and anti-fascist movements which try to address some of the most pressing problems in her country.

                                         BOOKS BY THE AUTHOR
Neo-Paganism: Rebirth of the Ancient Religion. Salonica: Archetypo Press, 2000 (in Greek).
On the Path of Aphrodite. Athens: Eleusis Press 2003 (in Greek).
The Women’s Olympics and the Great Goddess. Athens: Eleusis Press 2004 (in English).
The Sacred Feminine and Mary Magdalene. Athens: Eleusis 2005 (in Greek).
Neopaganismo. Translator: Foteini Antonatou – Kazana. Madrid: Ellago Ediciones, 2011 (in Spanish).

Contact her at author@hmeenee.com.


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